Your Pants are Burning, My Dear.

One of the biggest problems, at least in my opinion, is the constant lying. It’s all the time about EVERYTHING. Even if it’s not something he’d normally get in trouble for, it seems like he has this compulsive need to lie just for the sake of lying.

Earlier this week, I purchased a razor for my daughter. Tonight, Michael got out of the shower and there on either side of his head were two bald spots. My eyes got wide and I asked him what he had done. For a solid ten minutes he denied he did anything. Then once he looked in the mirror, he feigned confusion, acting like he had no idea how the spots got there. I then got the razor out of the shower and showed him the hair on the blade. He said it had to be his sister’s hair. Problem with that is his sister’s hair isn’t the same color, and it was a short hair out of a head, but significantly longer than anything a preteen would have shaved from her legs.

Another several minutes go by and he finally admits that he used the razor on the sides of his head, but that he didn’t know what it would do. Fine. That’s an answer I can accept.

Now what am I supposed to do? He already gets picked on and bullied at school. The bald spots aren’t going to help matters. Is this a natural consequence? Or do I try to fix his hair to shield him as much as I can from the cruelties of preteen kids? Regardless, the hair salons are closed and don’t open until after school starts in the morning, so I suppose it’s a cow’s opinion (if you don’t get that reference, you are dead to me).

Off the top of my head I can think of more than a dozen things Michael has lied about today. I swear the kid doesn’t know real life from the reality that he creates in his head.


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